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The Tissue Veil

EDIT east end street 3a (2) Back Cover BB

Why the London buses?


The Tissue Veil is told over two time frames - the early 1900s and the early twenty-first century, with two teenaged protagonists living in the same Stepney house at different times.


The street scene is one Emily might have looked out on, with its shops, workers and an early omnibus, the red bus is very much of Aysha's time. The two buses never meet, but the girls' stories do impact on each other and they do occupy the same space and sometimes the barrier between their times seems only tissue-thin.


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A selection of reviewers' comments:


"This book had me gripped - on the surface it's a story of the supernatural, but it's also a study of the lives of young women now and a century ago."


"Deftly structured, this is an intriguing and compelling story of two young women in the same house in London a century apart, facing similar issues as they struggle for autonomy. The characters and dialogue are all richly achieved and the weaving together of the two narratives is masterly. I couldn't put it down and only wished I knew a young woman to buy it for."


" The two sides of the plot are skilfully interwoven throughout and especially at the end."


"The supernatural element is handled with such a light touch, yet brought out goose-pimples! There is a satisfying conclusion with the threads all tied up, but some good twists at the end."